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It's what's on the inside that counts. LINK is an intelligent, lovable toy, designed to be the perfect companion for 2 to 6 year olds and teach them foreign language through exploration!

All for one
and one for all

¡Más té por favor!

LINK is clever enough to teach at different paces tuned to your child's ability. Control the level of difficulty from simple words to complex sentences in the ToyUp app. (coming soon)

A whole new way to learn

LINK recognizes objects via smart stickers, placed on objects. As kids explore with LINK, it creates exciting educational games, like scavenger hunt! LINK loves learning and will create endless hours of educational play time!

Screen free,
imagination full

Kids spend more time in front of screens than parents work at a full time job, potentially hindering brain development. We are the only system to use real world interaction and exploration to teach. Independent researchers show this to be a highly efficient and receptive way of learning.

The LINK to success

"Using our senses to learn dramatically increases our ability to absorb and retain information."

- Dr. Vos (PhD Learning expert)

Since the 1930’s educational experts have realized multi sensory learning is the absolute, most efficient way to learn and retain new information. LINK capitalizes on these studies and delivers the best educational experience to students everywhere.

Coming to a pocket near you

We are just getting started with language learning. The ToyUp app (coming soon) will allow LINK to learn just about anything and enable many more excellent features, so we can keep our kid's noodles sharp!

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