15 Reasons Kids NEED to learn a Second Language (Part 3)

This is the last part of a three part series as to why your child should learn a secondary language! Catch Part 1 and Part 2 here!

1. It Increases Musical Ability

Some languages like Mandarin and Cantonese apply the same word to multiple meanings. These languages depend on tone to differentiate one meaning from another, rather than languages like English which rely on word variation.

Katie Bernstein, an Early Language Learning Professor at Arizona State University states, "Phonology (sound) is picked up more easily when we are babies. They can pick up on different pitch nuances found with different sounds in languages. By the time they are able to 'babble' they already know the different sounds.

Children who are familiar with the differentiations in tonal languages have an easier time recognizing pitches in music and learning new instruments than children who are monolingual.

Bilingual children have more musical ability!

2.It Increases Salary

Research indicates American college graduates who can speak more than one language receive a 2% salary premium. The monetary boost varies by language. German-speaking students, for example, receive up to a 3.8% salary increase, and can average up to $100,000 over the course of a career! Learning a second language as a child can ensure financial security for our careers!

Children who know a secondary language grow up to make more in salary

3. Traveling Is More Enjoyable

Traveling is one of the most beneficial experiences a child can have. The experience only gets better when the child is familiar with the native language of the region they are visiting. With advanced language skills, kids feel empowered. They are able to achieve a greater understanding of various cultures, gain a broader perspective of the world, and become more capable of establishing cross-cultural friendships.

Kids have more fun traveling the world when they can speak foreign language.

4. It Connects Kids To Their Heritage

Familiarizing with the native culture of our heritage is a very special thing. It allows for a more refined appreciation of a child’s lineage and brings a family closer together, where a language or cultural gap would otherwise exist. When kids have an understanding of the language of their family, they are able to experience their lives through a dual lens and appreciate the world through more than one perspective.

Understanding the languages of our ancestors connects us as families.

5. Increases Creativity

Learning a second language gears children towards more ingenuity and creativity. Bilingual speakers are better at problem solving and thinking outside the box compared to monolingual speakers. Children who know more than one language are more likely to be open to different viewpoints and are more apt to solve problems in a creative manner.

learning a new language increases imagination and creativity!


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Stay tuned for the last part of this series!

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