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How does LINK work?

LINK transforms ordinary toys into extraordinary companions. How? With 3 simple things:

  1. A powerful computer called LINK

  2. Intelligent Stickers

  3. The ToyUp App

LINK is placed inside our toys, enabling them to become more safe, loving, educational, and magical. Link "senses" is world by getting near the intelligent stickers you place on objects around your home. Finally, the ToyUp app allows parents to enable/disable features like chore scheduling, and customize playtime.

FACTUP At the end of the day, you can rest your LINK integrated toy the wireless charging pad (included with LINK). It will be ready for use again in no time!

ToyUp LINK wireless charging battery

What can LINK do?

Our mission is to help every child reach their potential, in an educational and exciting way! Our solution is LINK. Currently, LINK can:

  1. Help teach foreign languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin... more to come.)

  2. Be an amazing companion

  3. Play fun games

LINK's primary function is to help teach new languages through exciting games like detective and scavenger hunt. In addition to teaching languages, LINK can also help children stick to a healthy schedule. Learn more

How does LINK help kids with their schedule?

Parents know what is best for their kids and sometimes that is difficult for kids to understand. Getting children to sleep at a decent hour or enforcing healthy routines like brushing their teeth can be challenging. LINK can help!​

One of the premium features in the ToyUp Parent app (coming soon) is chore scheduling. After teaching LINK your children's schedule, LINK will helpful things when the time is right. For instance, when it's time for bed, LINK can say "I'm getting sleepy. I think it's time to recharge both our batteries." Link will also be able to turn chores into fun games!


FACTUP Studies indicate healthy habits are easier to maintain when our companions are held to the same standards!

Toy Up LINK companions chore scheduling

What can the ToyUp app do?

The ToyUp app can do a number of things:

  1. Program LINK to teach a certain language

  2. Customize LINK

  3. Toggle how advanced the learning curriculum is

With the ToyUp app, parents are able to program which languages LINK will teach and the level of difficulty. In addition, the ToyUp app can:

  • Keep parents updated on their kid's learning progress

  • Help children stick to a healthy schedule learn more


Is LINK better than other educational devices?

We believe the best way to learn anything, is from parents directly. However, we realize that can't always happen. So we created LINK. Link is a device that fits inside our favorite toys and helps kids learn new languages.

  1. Interactivity Current language products aren't very interactive.

  2. Relatability We learn best by linking new information to familiar things.

  3. Repetition Learning must be exciting and engaging, to keep you coming back for more.

When you first interact with LINK, you'll wonder why we haven't always learned this way! It makes other educational devices feel antiquated.


FACTUP Videos, books, and other language tools have little interactivity. This is critical when learning!


What age range is LINK meant for?

Currently, LINK is best suited for children in the range of 1 to 6 years old. As your kids learn more, the ToyUp app (coming soon) can tell LINK to "kick it up a notch" and keep your kids challenged and entertained for whatever their level of progress is!

The best opportunity to introduce LINK is when their primary language skills are being developed (this typically occurs several months after birth to pre-kindergarten).

FACTUP Children learn languages more easily because of the greater plasticity in their developing brains! 

ToyUp and LINK work most efficiently when children learn sooner, because of their neuroplasticity

What toys are "ToyUpgradable"?

We are working hard to make ToyUp compatable with every toy in existence. To do this, we are working closely with major toy manufacturers to make sure the toys you know and love will work seamlessly. 


Every toy has different specifications and LINK may not work with every toy at this time. Currently, most plush toys are capable of being upgraded. As our technology continues to develop, more toys will become ToyUpgradable!


How does LINK handle privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us. We not only comply with all COPA regulations but aim for the highest standards in the industry. LINK is designed to run on a closed system (i.e. a system that doesn't need to connect to the internet). This means we do not receive the data from your LINK device.


How much will LINK cost?

We have not come up with the exact cost for LINK yet but rest assure, we will offer a competitive and affordable cost for the value that LINK provides.

When will LINK be released?

We aim to start production by Fall 2018. To learn more about our release date and receive updates on LINK's release click here

If you want to help us test our current beta version of LINK, click here